Wednesday, October 30, 2013

BMF rebuild for the Space Monkey. Another Chopper hitting the streets.

This bike was one I built for Rhonda and I to ride then sell back in 2006. After riding it for a while, selling it, getting it back and then riding it some more I sold it to my buddy Jack "Space Monkey". 
 We replaced the 124" motor that was previously propelling this thing down the road with an 80" Harley Davidson Evolution (that we took out of my 2000 FXR4 when we put the 124" S&S engine in it) and did some cosmetic changes. We swapped the Fat bobs for a sporty tank that we did some work on to make it fit nicely.
 He then had it repainted and then striped by our local favorite Hugh Hoffman. Know Phat Chix!
 This thing is a blast to ride with it's power to weight ratio, killer Brembo brakes including their awesome hand controls.

This has a Kraftech frame that is 2 up 35 degrees of rake. It uses a stock length springer with a 21" front wheel on a 90/90-21" Avon Venom and a 18 x 5.5" rear wheel with a 200 series avon rear tire. The BDL 2" belt drives fits great and works great and looks good. This bike can be built new for under $20k using high end parts ( including labor and paint) or less if more economical parts are used. The seat pan is shop built using the same techniques as featured in our blog post, found here

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